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Alpha Institute founded in 2012, is an edcational institute taht teaches Korean language. Located in Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur, we are committed to providing genuine, updated and quality service to prospective students who plan to shape their career in Korea. We make learning fun and easy here at Alpha Institute. We help our students discover the true potential inside them. We have opportunity and solutions to offer to any student interested in learning Korean language.

In Alpha, we focus on 3 things.
  • speaking
  • idiomatic expressions and slang.
  • istening to realistic conversations

What We Do

Alpha Institute has established itself as a leading institution that provides honest, credible, and authentic education (Korean Language) and migration counselling advice. We provide end-to-end counselling services to our students. Our team of experts passionately and enthusiastically assist students and removes any difficulties encountered by our students.


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